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ultrasonic consultant services

Room where we develop prototypes during our free ultrasonic consulting work

Our free custom consulting — including laboratory testing — ensures you can overcome any cleaning challenge

We know that it can be confusing for you to satisfy all of the ultrasonic cleaning needs for your company, with some parts or procedures seeming to be impossible to produce using standard, off-the-shelf equipment.

If the production volume is relatively small and involves ultrasonic cleaning tanks or vapor degreasers, we will be happy to send you a demo model — with the proper ultrasonic cleaning chemicals — free of charge for you to test (you only pay for round-trip shipping). If, in fact, the system we send you works or could work with some custom development, then we will either custom-size it or sell you new equipment that provided to meet your cleaning challenge.

If your challenge is large enough and involves custom shapes, volumes, equipment configurations, or production lines (hand-advanced or automated), however, then we offer complete — and free — ultrasonic consultant services with both our engineering and manufacturing departments. Our consulting includes:

  • Your local Crest Ultrasonics sales representative providing you with a highly detailed custom-build questionnaire, which you complete and return
  • Your sending us samples of your pre-cleaned parts for us to measure and use in cleaning experiments
  • Our ultrasonic engineering and manufacturing experts take all your information and your live samples, and arrive at a workable answer that meets your unique challenge
  • Our sales representative explains to you what we did during the discovery phase, and what equipment and cleaning solutions we developed to solve that challenge
  • With this report, our Crest representative will thoroughly explain all pricing and timing considerations for producing and delivering a final system to your location

This entire custom consulting effort — worth thousands of dollars in time and materials — costs you absolutely nothing!

To determine with a demo or custom-build questionnaire is the best place for you to start, please contact your local Crest sales representative today.

ORDER NOW: Call 1-800-99CREST (27378) or contact us today!

FREE DEMO for qualified applicants (only). Speak with a sales rep to learn more.